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Trips from L.A.

When you have had enough of the city, consider some trips away from L.A. Some may be accomplished in a day. Others would require more time investment. If you have a lot of time, you could tour the whole state of California, including central and northern California, even venturing to Big Sur, the Monterey Peninsula, and Yosemite. But below are suggestions that require less time. Do consult the distance link provided on the Practical Information page.

Route 1 is a coastal road that goes all the way along the coast, and is one of the most spectacular drives in the world. It hugs the coastline, goes through quaint little towns and villages, gives you glimpses of wine country, and then has you driving with your heart in your mouth as you see the rocky cliffs plunging down to brilliant blue water splashing up against the rocks.

California is a vast and long state, but within a manageable distance are places like Hearst Castle (book the exact tour ahead of time, just to be safe), the lovely town of Santa Barbara, with its spectacular beach and, in the summer, the Music Academy of the West, which is home to world-class musicians as well as students converging there for summer study.

To the south is San Diego, and then the border with Mexico and Tijuana, Mexico. San Diego is a lovely, peaceful and civilized city. Oft visited sights would be the San Diego Zoo as well as the magnificent Seaworld, where trainers do a very nice job with the dolphin shows. Tijuana, just over the border, really does reflect your entrance into another world. It is full of stalls selling trinkets and souvenirs. While a sojourn to Tijuana is not exactly the most elegant of pasttimes, it does provide a glimpse into another world altogether, heightened as you see posters of "Wanted" drug traffickers, some with "arrested" or "dead" splashed across their pictures.

Within hours of L.A. is the desert resort town of Palm Springs, playground for the stars, and home to different golf tournaments. If you have time and take a couple of days, you can access Joshua Tree National Monument from Palm Springs. The desert scenery is quite spectacular, and it has its trails and scenic lookouts.

May your stay in the Los Angeles area be full of star-studded memories!

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